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From The Owner
Here at Computer Repairs and Solutions, I treat my clients' needs as if they were my own. I take the time to analyze and diagnose the computer's condition and what it needs in order for it to be brought back to its optimal working condition.

Clients who have brought various Arlington computers to Computer Repairs and Solutions know that I leave no stones unturned in ensuring that each computer gets the expert service and superior attention to detail it deserves.
Welcome to Computer Repairs and Solutions

After I received my Honors Degree in IT over 18 years ago, I pursued my dream of working for one of the top computer manufacturers in the world, and successfully landed a job as a Dell field service technician and devoted about10 years of my life to working for them. From there, I moved on to work for other companies in warranty service depots where I spent another 3 years. During that time, I just knew in my heart that I wanted to build my own company and establish my own brand of service. In 2008, I pursued that goal and founded Computer Repairs and Solutions. 

Computer Repairs and Solutions is my way of offering top quality Windows-based laptop and PC repair services at honest, fair costs. I love working with computers and have both the knowledge and experience to back it up.

Located at 6108 W. Poly Webb Rd. #3 in Arlington, TX, Computer Repairs and Solutions serves the computer repair needs of individuals and businesses throughout Arlington, Fort Worth, and other surrounding areas in the State of Texas.

Computer Repairs in the beginning 10/2008 - 01/01/2012